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Clicks n Colours is founded by Ar. Mayank Ghedia and Dhruti Ghedia. This creative couple is an art loving duo based in India. Dhruti is a self-taught artist and her husband is an architect by profession and an artist too.

Their journey of togetherness has seen many a milestones in the spectrum of arts. Having experience of numerous Solo and Group shows, they have tried to share their soul with the community of art in India.

Dhruti  has created numerous paintings with varied themes of landscape elements and abstracts in nature. She loves to play with oil , acrylic and water colours on canvas and handmade papers.

With  passion for experimental and creative work , Mayank loves to discover new realms of abstract photography. He has also explored the subjects of nature, birds, landscapes , life and off course-architecture with a unique vision of aesthetics.

This platform is created to expand the creative expressions of various art forms in the photographs and paintings amongst art lovers.



I am a graduate in the field of architecture and environment for the human beings . A nature lover by heart and passionate photographer, loves to capture the various forms of life and the natural elements. Birds and animals are main area of interest. Exploring the culture of India and other countries is a hobby, well bonded with like-minded people . I have done three shows showcasing the Abstract photography.

I have participated in various photography competitions and won prizes two times.


B.Arch. 1992 from M.S.University, Baroda.


* Nov. 2011 , group show by five architects. Photographiy exhibition on "Behsh Arkadas"

at Hutheesing Visual Arts Center, Ahmedabad. [ Theme - life and architecture of turkey ]

* Feb, 2012 "tu ane hu" at Hutheesing Visual Arts Centre, Ahmedabad.

[ paintings by Dhruti Ghedia and Photographs by Mayank Ghedia - Theme - abstract forms ]

* Feb, 2013 "tu ane hu" season -2 at Hutheesing Visual Arts Centre, Ahmedabad.

[ paintings by Dhruti Ghedia and Photographs by Mayank Ghedia - Theme - Moods and Hues ]


* Oct-2015 , preview of abstract photography "Jyoti", at Ravishankar Raval Kala Bhavan, Ahmedabad.

*Nov-2015, solo show of abstract photography "Jyoti", at Bagor ki Haveli, Udaipur.

[ Both above show were sponsored By Gujarat Rajya Lalitkala Academy. ]


2013 : Gujarat state lalitkala academy, ahmedabad

2013 : Celebration of world wildlife Day , Exhibition of wildlife photographs

at Ravishankar Raval Kala Bhavan, Ahmedabad.


I am a commerce graduate in software designing through Aptech. I am a self-taught artist with an intense love for the forms and shades of nature. Bird watching and travelling is my passion. I did personal coaching of drawing, calligraphy and handwriting improvement to the young people for a couple of years.

I organized a show 'the world of little picasso ' for the little students in 2010. In may 2013 I did group show 'her view ' in Amdavad ni Gufa - Hervitz Art Gallery, Ahmedabad with my daughter Freya with another mother-daughter pair.


"B.com" with computer science ( Saurashtra University- Rajkot.)

HDSE (Higher Diploma in Software Engineering) (Aptech -Rajkot)


2010 : 'The world of little picasso ', Contemporary Art Gallery, Ahmedabad.

( Paintings of my students-age group 5 - 15)

Feb, 2012: 'TU ane HU... a journey of togetherness... 'at Hutheesing Visual Arts Centre, Ahmedabad.

Feb, 2013: 'TU ane HU... moods and hues... ' at Hutheesing Visual Arts Centre, Ahmedabad.

March, 2013: '13 W ' Women 's Special, Fine Arts College, Baroda.

May, 2013: 'Her View ', Amdavad ni Gufa, Ahmedabad.

Dec, 2013 : 'JSAF Tribute show ', by Jashuben shilpi Art Foundation, Hutheesing Visual Art Gallery, Ahmedabad.

Feb, 2014: 'Gandharvpur Artist village, Saputara painting workshop 's show, Fine Arts College, Baroda.

March, 2014: 'W 14 ', Women 's Special, Fine Arts College, Baroda.

June, 2014 : Annual show by Gujarat Visual Artists Association at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.

February, 2016 : 'Art Mart ' National Art Exhibition at International Dance festival , Khajuraho , MadhyaPradesh.


Feb, 2014 'Different Strokes ', Ravishankar Raval Kala Bhavan, Ahmedabad.

Oct, 2015 Preview of 'NIJ-aanand ', Ravishankar Raval Kala Bhavan, Ahmedabad.

Nov, 2015 'NIJ-aanand', Bagor ki Haveli, Udaipur.

[ Sponsored by Gujarat Rajya Lalitkala Academy ]


2010 : Painting workshop in C.N. College of Fine Arts, Ahmedabad.

2013 : Painting workshop, Saputara.